ICORE Speed loader holders.

July 2nd, 2011 RPerdue No comments

Our ICORE speed loader holder is designed to hold your speed loaders based on their diameter. We have samples of all the Safariland Comp III  and the SL Variant speed loaders. If you have modified your speed loaders by facing them or shortening them, your speed loader will fit the holder. If you have reduced the diameter of the speed loader, I will have to have a sample to insure a correct fit. Custom holders are not a problem. Please give us a call with your requirements. We can be reached at any reasonable hour at the phone number on our web page.

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IDPA speed loader holders.

March 15th, 2011 RPerdue No comments

Our IDPA speed loader holders are formed on three different diameter mandrels to accommodate the different diameter speed loaders available.  We used Comp III speed loaders for the K and L frame revolvers and the HKS and SL Variant speed loaders as models for the N frame guns.  Those of us that have “Bubberized” our speed loaders for the L frame guns by turning down the diameter and facing them find the K frame speed loader holder works for our modified speed loaders. You can find more info regarding modifying or “Bubberizing” Comp III’s here.

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