Bubberizing Comp III Speed Loaders

All the information here is a rehash of what I have learned from  Roger Davis regarding “facing” Comp III speed loaders.

Thanks Roger.

Heat a paperclip

and push clip thru the existing hole in the top of the Comp III. The paperclip will pass thru the roll pin that secures the two top pieces and the main spring.

On the side of the comp III where the hot paperclip came thru,

drill a 3/32″ hole down the top of the roll pin that holds the top in place. This is a depth of 1/8″ +/-.

This will allow you to push the spring steel pin that retains the two top pieces. Above you see a punch inserted thru the hole you just drilled into the side of the comp III and the roll pin being pushed out of the comp III on the other side.

Here the outer cap has been removed and a silver mark has been placed on the outer and inner cap to facilitate reassembly.

The outer cap and inner cap have been removed.

Main spring removed. Leave it attached to the inner cap.

Push out the pin that retains the trigger. Shown above, punch inserted thru hole in trigger with removed pin below. Caution, when the punch is removed the small spring captured by the pin and trigger will try to leave the bench. I have not found a replacement for this spring.

Here all the parts are layed out in their relative positions.

Here, the body of the comp III is fitted on the CNC and .40″ of material measured from the three plastic teets is machined off. The body is then chucked in the lathe and the sharp edge is broken with some fine sandpaper.

There is no reason you can’t do this with a belt sander or a hack saw.

Above is the finished part compared to a stock comp III.

The trigger is tapped and packed with epoxy. Tapping the trigger helps retain the epoxy.

Above, left to right; outer cap, inner cap (the roll pin that attaches the two caps to the star is missing from the picture)  with main spring attached, (above that is the shroud which can be disposed of), the body before being milled, below that the trigger retaining pin, the star, the trigger spring, and the trigger.

Reassembly is (of course) the reverse of dis-assembly. The comp III will go back together two ways. Only one will work. The key is to look for the hole in the body that the main spring fits in and install the trigger and trigger spring and star into the body with the flat and that spring hole generally up. Once the trigger, star, trigger spring, and body are assembled, install the main spring and caps. When you install the caps, align both caps with the marks you made on them and check to see if the holes the roll pin fits in lines up. Place the end of the main spring in the hole in the body and twist the caps clockwise until the flat of the star lines up with the corresponding flat inside the caps. Push all together and reinstall the roll pin.  Above all, be patient and don’t loose any parts.

Completed unit below has had .40″ removed from it’s face measured from the three plastic teets.

It’s diameter has not been touched.

If you get in over your head, call me and I will walk you through.

The number is on the website

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